Tis the Season to be Scribblin’

flat lay black.jpg

Tis the season to be scribblin’! Now that my final exams are officially over, I can finally sit back, relax, and scribble all day. Yay! ❤ To be honest, taking monochrome photos aren’t my cup of tea, but I decided to try it out since I’m also trying to change the look of my Instagram feed, which is currently flooded with bright colors. It’s not that I’m sick of how my feed looks. It’s just that I believe that it’s time for a change of style not only on my Instagram feed but also on my overall fashion style, which is a bit too young for my age. Now that the New Year is coming, I’m thinking of investing in more versatile and mature pieces, and my trip to Harbin, China next week is the perfect way to update my wardrobe. Hehehe 😀

What I’ve Done So Far Over the Summer


I guess this will be my last painting for the summer because school starts next Monday, and I have to work really really hard if I want to get my hands on an A, which is by the way, difficult to attain in college. The stakes are high, but it’s worth the sacrifice. I’ll  paint again during the term break, so expect a lot of posts when the time comes.

You know, this summer was my most productive summer yet. When the summer just started, I listed down all the things I wanted to do, but I didn’t expect myself to accomplish all of them because I tend to procrastinate. However, given this extremely long five month summer vacation, I’m so happy to tick off most of the boxes on my bucketlist. Here’s what I’ve done over the summer: Continue reading



It takes at least a thousand words to tell you a fairytale. It takes a least three hundred seconds to wow you with a simple dance routine, but it only takes one painting to show you that behind every work of art from the brushstrokes to the colors to the composition, lies a deeper meaning –  the very image of the artist himself.  Continue reading



Whisk me away to the sun-kissed island of Sun-torini, where the sun shines down on me and the sea is the very place I’d rather be..

Sunny Sunny Days


Good morning world! Good morning sunshine! Good morning sunny beaches of Santorini even though you are miles away from my home! Good morning to all the lovely fishes in the sea, and good morning Philippines! Woah, I’ve said a lot, but that’s how hyped up I get whenever I’m one with the sun, the sea and of course, my paintings. The reason? I don’t really know, but I have a theory. Continue reading



Although it has been almost two weeks since I came home from Greece, I couldn’t stop thinking about the place because everything about Greece – the people, the food, the mountains, the sea and of course, the quaint shops – traps me in an eternal daydream. For nostalgia’s sake, I finally decided to paint one of my most favorite sceneries from the island of Santorini.  Continue reading

Pop Starry Night – An Art Contest Entry

Drawing 001

Hi everyone! So I recently joined this art contest called Art Without A Roof. Basically, you just have to submit your entry and the online community will have to vote on their favorite works. If yours gets chosen, your artwork will be turned into shirts, bags and the like. Also, 10% of the total proceeds will go to a supported cause such as Combat Arts, Monarch School and H.R.S.. Because of this, I’m inviting everyone to like my artwork here: http://artwithoutaroof.com/collections/submitted-art/products/pop-starry-night-by-frances-t  by clicking on the heart button. Go spread the word to your friends and make the world a better place! 😀

Years and Years


After weeks of procrastinating, I’m finally through with my first decent oil painting. At first, this was supposed to be just a mock practice to see if I’d get the hang of oil painting because for years, I’ve heard that this is one of the hardest mediums to use, but after giving it a try, I’ve come to realize that what makes oil painting so hard isn’t the skill but the patience of an artist. Continue reading